You’re in business to stay in business. We get that.
Illuminations offers the perfect balance between quality, name brand lighting and cost-effectiveness.

General Business

Our general business customers come to Illuminations for cost-effective solutions that are forward-thinking in their design; something for every taste and desire. Our wide selection of name-brand options ensures that you won’t go back to work disappointed. At Illuminations we offer high quality lighting expertise to “light up your business” and enhance your work environment, service environment, product display or ambiance expectations.

Our focus on general business considers

  • Office environments
  • Retail environments
  • Service environments
  • Agricultural Lighting
  • Salons
  • Marinas
  • Art Galleries
  • Professional Offices
  • Pet facilities

and almost everything in between … from A-Z, we have a solution for any business and any situation.

Supported by our “Business Express”, “Design Express” and “Builders Express” Service programs; we can also connect our business clients to proven Commercial Designers, Commercial Electrical Contractors and Commercial Building Contractors that fit the overall project scope and intent to help bring the complete job to closure with satisfaction.


Lighting can make all of the difference in creating mood and ambiance in a room. Realtors everywhere counsel their clients to make small design modifications to their homes which eventually net out big returns. Updating lighting can have a huge impact and can be relatively cost effective when you’re working with one of our trained Illuminologists to help keep you on track. Stop on by and find out how easy it is today..

Real Estate Companies can also enroll their organizations into our program to offer volume pricing to individual agents as well as pass on the benefits of that program to their clients.

Property Managers

Protect your client’s investment by making attractive and cost effective lighting upgrades to the properties in your portfolio. Whether your upgrades are aesthetic or mandatory, our team of lighting professionals can help you make an informed choice that matches both a rental unit budget and timelines weather it is a “rollover” single unit or the entire renovation of a multi-unit project. 


Government and Education

Everyone needs lighting and Governments and public Institutions are no exception.

Illuminations is progressively developing specific programs to sell to the Government. Our efforts are Centre on the specific levels of Government

– Federal Government
– First Nations Governments
– Provincial Governments
– Regional Governments
– Civil Governments

Educational Institutions

Illuminations recognizes that these groups are spending taxpayer contributions and are bound by strict procurement policies and bid controlled purchasing. Illuminations offers specific services to adhere to these requirements.

Because of the unique construction of some Government facilities, consultive services are often required. Illuminations or an appropriate supplier often provides this service.

Health Care

Light has an incredible effect on people, both biologically and emotionally. Used effectively in health care facilities, it can enhance the patients? experience and play a key role in promoting well-being.

Our people-centric lighting solutions can make a difference by creating an enhanced healing environment that combines effective, functional light with a more pleasant ambiance. Good lighting is especially important to people who may need to spend long periods of time indoors, either in hospitals or care homes.

In addition, Illuminations provides general lighting for health care organizations, clinics, medical groups and individual health care professionals. We recognize that each healthcare worker gives a lot more than is often noticed and in return Illuminations provides health care pricing to this group as a “thank you”.


From hotels, restaurants, golf course and other public venues designed to accommodate the visitation and entertainment of people. Lighting is at the top of the list in terms of importance.

Illuminations has completed lighting requirements for many hotels and an even greater number of restaurants.

The hospitality industry has to consider code requirements, ambiance and the overall look to fit its market needs.

Illuminations also works with several designers that are active in the hospitality sector.

Not-For-Profit Organizations

British Columbia’s  ”not-for-profit” community is advancing the values of community support through volunteerism, involvement and giving for the betterment of our local societies.  Whether you are a registered charity, house of worship, society, agency, volunteer organization or an Arts group; Illuminations Lighting endeavours to support your effort in one of four categories:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Youth and the Future
  • Peoples Well Being
  • Animals & the Environment

If you qualify under one of these “umbrella agendas”, Illuminations will  offer registered “not-for-profit”  organizations  unique pricing programs to help you complete any specific needs for lighting.

Victoria: Jim Wong

Nanaimo: Kris Coates

Rest of BC: Jim Wong