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As a renovation progresses, the renovation expert is often forced to work within severely condensed timelines. At each step of the way, Illuminations is conditioned to understanding the often unseen pressure under which renovators work in order to assure a smooth transition.

We offer a wide range of services that make the renovators job more efficient and when necessary we can liaise direct with your client to answer “what if” questions + provide ideas real time. Each service is designed to streamline the work of the contractor so that, as the final paint goes on, our delivery service arrives on schedule with the lighting fixtures as ordered. No surprises! No drama! Now isn’t that refreshing?


For Victoria (Cowichan Valley & South Island): Don Stott
For Nanaimo (Chemainus & North Island): Greg Bodnarchuk
Rest of BC: Jim Wong



Whether you’re working on a complex renovation or a whole new house, once construction begins, timelines become condensed and the stresses grow ten fold.  As the contractor you strive to bring the architects ideas, the designers’ vision and the owner’s expectations together.

In the middle of this activity are the lighting decisions that are so visible when the home is complete.  Our lighting consultants and sales support team are there to help and make you their number one priority.  We offer a range of services that help make your job easier and as economical as possible for the home owner without sacrificing the look they are attempting to capture.

While working with the owner, the architect, the electrical trade and the designer, we pay special attention to the contractors schedule and needs.  We are on-site to discuss timetables, review lighting specifications and start assembling your recessed, decorative, speciality and outdoor orders weeks and sometimes months before final completion. We do this to ensure that when the paint goes on, our delivery service arrives on time with the specified products. No surprises! No drama! We promise.


For Victoria (Cowichan Valley & South Island):  Kristie Clarke
For Nanaimo (Chemainus & North Island):  Greg Bodnarchuck
Rest of BC: Jim Wong

Developers + Spec Builders


We understand the ‘business’ of real estate development. Our team is designed to help large multi-unit projects, housing developments and single home small developers shine with our specialized systems and procedures in place. We work with the developers and their designers to help select lighting from 16 specialized “Builder Lines” that have been pre-screened for availability, acceptable quality, buyer attractiveness to help sell your projects when the time comes. When appropriate we provide pre-arranged “unit packages” that may be scheduled or called for as your project progresses.


For Victoria (Cowichan Valley & South Island):  Jim Wong
For Nanaimo (Chemainus & North Island):  Greg Bodnarchk
Rest of BC: Jim Wong


Commercial Builders

The life of the Commercial builder is vastly more complex than that of the Residential Builder. Life is not easy and often the “build-out” is just the beginning. As a Commercial builder, you are also a businessman in a very complex business environment. You; like other businessman has a vision and this vision is often reflected in the marketing phrase on your business card.

To achieve your vision requires that you think beyond an individual project while considering the competition, assets for project financing, technical expertise and your own appetite for risk. These are all significant  factors that lead you through decisions involving cash flow, profit, security and desire for long-term success ultimately driven by your growing reputation for a “Job Well Done” record that is on time and within the budget.

Your reputation is what matters and that is only enhanced by achieving while navigating through a construction process and set of methodologies that are heavily influenced by Architects, Engineers and Designers while you worry about subcontractors workmanship, bonds, pre-qualification, codes, regulations and civic protocols that add complexities to a project.

Illuminations recognizes that the life of the Commercial Builder is certainly different than that of a residential builder. That is why we approach our relationship with this type of builder based around their business model and are driven by a “Partnership in Lighting” service model whereby we offer upfront consulting services to work with the design and specification organizations, negotiation services with lighting manufacturers to fit within predefined budgets, procurement services and scheduling services to have the right product at the

right price arrive at the right time.

For Victoria (Cowichan Valley & South Island):  Kristie Clarke
For Nanaimo (Chemainus & North Island):  Greg Bodnarchuk
Rest of BC: Jim Wong